July 9, 2009

Out of the mouth of babes.

Children are so funny. They come up with the cutest things. I am constantly writing down funny things that my son would say. His imagination is so vivid as I’m sure all children’s are. It would be so cute to share posts based on what your children say and do in these adorable, innocent years. Telling a story of their funny, precious moments or showing pictures with captions to complete the story. I would love to hear about the funny things your children come up with or what you think is going through their minds at that moment.
When my son had a 30 word vocabulary he had a mantra that he would always say as my husband would leave for work. It was so cute the way he started to pronounce his words and saying it in his little sweet baby voice. It went like this...…. I love you, okey-dokey, so much, bye, and then he would blow my husband about five kisses. It was the most precious and adorable thing.

The side bar is all the funny things that were said during his beginning child years.